A birthing couch, overnight double bed and seat,
all in one.

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Birthing Couch


Preventing Manual Handling Injuries

Traditional design birthing couches are very heavy (up to 30kg), low to the floor, extremely large & cumbersome to move and clean. Where large, heavy loads are required to be lifted, the HSE issues clear guidance. Croyde Medical has incorporated this guidance into the design of their new birthing couch to help reduce the risks of manual handling injuries to Midwives & Support Workers.


If manual lifting is the only option then there are a number of things
that can be done to reduce the risk, including;

  • Making the load smaller or lighter and easier to lift.
  • Breaking up large consignments into more manageable loads.
  • Modifying the workstation to reduce carrying distances, twisting
    movements, or the lifting of things from floor level or from above
    shoulder height.

The unique and registered design of the Croyde Birthing Couch allows one person to move it, clean it and store it. Due to the significantly reduced lifting weight, it requires minimal effort to move it and use it.

Preventing Manual

Handling Injuries

The unique and registered design of the Croyde Birthing Couch allows cleaning to be done at waist height instead of floor level. Improving ergonomics and reducing bending and twisting.

Cleaning & Infection Control

Internal foam is encased by a second protective cover to avoid contamination. Covers can be replaced to further extend longevity.

Full access for Internal mattress inspection by unzipping the cover.  Waterfall flap prevents fluid ingres through the zip.

Cleaning &
Infection Control

The Croyde Birthing Couch allows women to choose from a number of supported, upright positions and enables the birthing partner to play a more active role during labour.

The Croyde Birthing Couch

The couch position provides more space
for kneeling, sitting & resting. The wedge supports upright positioning and replaces the need
for a bean bag.

The Couch

The couch and and the wedge combine to create a 4ft double bed mattress for resting/sleeping for two people.

A unique blend of medical grade visco-elastic and high resilience foams, deliver outstanding levels of comfort and support.

The Bed

The Croyde Birthing Couch is just 1.2m x 1m in its stored position and can easily be positioned to maximise floor space.

The optional storage cover can also have the name & logo of the Birth Centre printed onto it.

Storage & Space Saving


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