Active II Birth Pool

The Active II Birth Pool is slightly longer than the original Active pool to incorporate the new keyhole design. This allows the filling spout to be safely located & eliminates the possibility for the woman to hit her head if she reclines against the backrest.   

The drain is also located at the bottom of the keyhole zone to locate drainage & filling in the same area. This enables the woman to move freely around the pool without having to be wary of the pop-up plug.

Luxurious Birth Pool

The Active Birth Pool improves the water birth experience for mothers and midwives. Its features include:

  • Soft and rounded ergonomic design
  • Integrated seating
  • Optional LED lighting and Bluetooth
  • Made from Ficore®

The design is crafted from decades of experience. It’s the birth pool of choice for hospitals all over the world.

Freedom of Movement

The pool supports mothers in all water birth positions. They can enjoy free movement and instinctively find what feels good to them.

Ergonomic Design

The design protects midwives from the risk of strain or injury. They can sit close by the side of the pool and rest their arms on the wide rim.

Its curved form provides space for the birth partner to place their knees under the rim. There’s no need for them to splay their legs and suffer ergonomic risks.

Integrated Seating

Active Birth Pool


The rim-level “safety seat”:

  • Makes it easy to enter and exit the pool
  • Provides a perch for resting
  • Is practical for monitoring and emergency evacuation


Active Birth Pool


The multi-functional “labour support seat”:

  • Encourages the pelvis to open
  • Provides support for upright postures
  • Gives the mother a place to rest and welcome her baby


Under Water LED Lighting with Colour

Multi-colour LED lighting is available to change the colour of the water. It makes the pool look more inviting and enhances the design of the birth room.

We can also add integrated Bluetooth. You can play the mother’s choice of music through the walls of the pool.

Superior Materials – Ficore 

Our hospital birth pools are made from Ficore®. It’s a proprietary material that’s 5x stronger than fibreglass or acrylic.

It’s super resilient, so we’re confident to supply the Active Birth Pool with a lifetime guarantee.

Ficore retains water temperature 7x longer than other materials. This reduces the number of times that you need to add warm water. It’s also tactile and comforting to touch.

Clinical Research Supporting Waterbirth

Dr Claire Feeney explains how midwives can implement strategies to improve access to waterbirth for women using their maternity units.  Useful information to support business case development.


Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

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