AVE 2 birthing bed

The latest delivery in birthing bed design.


The AVE 2 Birthing Bed delivers the latest technology and innovation to birthing bed design.

The AVE 2 is equipped with a unique, fully integrated foot section that lowers and stows underneath the bed, in just a few seconds. No need to lift it off, remove the mattress or disconnect any parts.

It is also supplied with integrated leg rests for easy deployment of lithotomy positioning, embedded patient controls, rotating side rails &  folding grab handles. Consequently, there is no need for storage or attachment of additional accessories.

The AVE 2 has large, double castors to make patient transfers feel smooth and lightweight whilst also having onboard CPR for emergency scenarios. 

Additionally, the AVE 2 is equipped with a unique pelvic tilt feature that can be independently adjusted to prevent women from sliding down the bed. This helps to prevent shear and friction on the skin whilst also reducing repositioning tasks for the Midwives. 

Independent Pelvic Tilt


AVE 2 Birthing Bed Pelvic Tilt

Excellent for women who have had an epidural.

Reduces shear and friction on the skin.


AVE 2 Birthing Bed Tilting Foot Section

Improves comfort through lower back support.

Avoids women feeling like they are being pushed out of bed.


AVE 2 Birthing Bed Pelvic Tilt

Enhances visual positioning during suturing & vaginal examination.

Tilting foot section & integral grab handles optimise safety & comfort.

Cleaning & Infection Control

The AVE 2 has a class-leading high height position of 1080mm and a backrest elevation of 70°. 

These excellent levels of articulation permit unrestricted access for cleaning.

The removable base panels also allow access for deep cleaning purposes.


AVE 2 Birthing Bed Cleaning

AVE 2 Birthing Bed Cleaning

AVE 2 Birthing Bed Cleaning

Seamless Mattresses

AVE 2 mattresses are lightweight and easy to handle, removable for ease of cleaning, and sealed on the underside to deliver enhanced infection prevention.

They are also uniquely seamless in the high-risk zones such as the seating area of the bed.


Birthing Bed Cleaning

Colour Choice

Upholstery can be chosen in a variety of colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Usually about 4 weeks for larger orders but we do hold stock of smaller quantities for rapid response orders

Does the foot end have to be lifted off  ?

No, never.  it simply lowers and stows under the bed when you need perineal access.  It literally takes seconds to operate and you do not need to remove the end of the bed or the mattress

Do you have to attach lithotomy poles ?

No, the lithotomy poles / leg rests are complete integrated and never need to be removed or re-attached.  They just move into position when required and fold back out of the way when not

Does it have grab handles ?

Yes and again they are completely integrated. They fold up and down as you need them

Is there a Labour Support Bar available ?

Yes, it simply attaches to the medi-rail on the bed for use.  It can be used for a range of active birth positions and it can also be switched between beds

What’s the warranty ?

3 years on the bed and 2 years on the mattress.  It’s the best on the market

Can we get a service contract for the beds ?

Yes of course.  We offer a range of service contracts for the beds from annual servicing only to fully maintained inclusive of spare parts. Alternatively, we offer a technical training course for medical engineers that will qualify them to complete servicing and repair tasks on the beds