AVE 2 birthing bed

Provide a safe and comfortable labour experience with the Ave 2 Birthing Bed, our newest hospital delivery bed. 

The AVE 2 Birthing Bed features:

  • Foot section that lowers and stows beneath the bed
  • Leg rests for lithotomy positioning
  • Large double castors for smooth patient transfers
  • Onboard CPR for emergency scenarios
  • Pelvic tilt feature to prevent women from sliding down
  • Embedded patient controls, rotating side rails and folding grab handles

Product Code: BORPPB-AXDUO


Learn more about the AVE 2 Birthing Bed and how to use it.

AVE 2 Demonstration Video

Integrated Foot Section

The bed’s unique foot section lowers and stows underneath in seconds. There’s no need to lift off, remove the mattress or disconnect any parts.

This improves caregiver ergonomics when perineal access is needed. It also speeds up movement in an emergency.

Integrated Leg Rests

You can easily adjust the integrated leg rests when finding the best position for the mother. The adjustment range provides advanced positioning options during labour and delivery.

To deploy, fold the leg rests over and set the leg holder. There’s no need to remove or reattach to the bed.

Independent Pelvic Tilt

The unique pelvic tilt stops women from sliding down the bed. It’s easy for the midwife to adjust and move around.

Excellent for women after an epidural.

Enhances comfort through lower back support.

Improves visual positioning during suturing and vaginal examination.

Standard Configuration

Integrated lithotomy poles/ leg restsStandard Leg Rests (pair)
Integrated swivel foot section
Hospital spec mattresses with double cover protection
Independent pelvic tilt adjustment
Electric hi-lo and backrest adjustment
Integrated side rails with embedded controls
Bi-lateral embedded controls (caregiver)
Bi-lateral electric Trendelenburg and manual CPR positions
Electric ho-lo and backrest adjustment
Central brake and steer
Double castors 150mm, 1 x directional
Drip stand holder on both sides of the bed
Integrated hand grips
Detachable stainless steel suturing bowl
Mains cable & backup battery


Ave 2 Image

Additional Options

Brackets for Supporting Bars and Supporting Bars – 7BCM0093512 & 7BCM0109989

Ave 2 Birthing Bed with IV Pole and Holder

IV Pole – BORPPB-B00322

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Usually about 4 weeks for larger orders. We also hold stock of smaller quantities for rapid response orders

Does the foot end have to be lifted off  ?

No, never. It simply lowers and stows under the bed when you need perineal access. It takes seconds to operate and you don’t need to remove the end of the bed or mattress

Do you have to attach lithotomy poles ?

No, the lithotomy poles/leg rests are completely integrated. They never need to be removed or re-attached.  They move into position when needed and fold out of the way when not

Does it have grab handles ?

Yes, they are completely integrated. They fold up and down as you need them

Is there a Labour Support Bar available ?

Yes, it simply attaches to the medi-rail on the bed for use. It’s for a range of active birth positions, and can switch between beds

What’s the warranty ?

3 years on the bed and 2 years on the mattress. It’s the best on the market

Can we get a service contract for the beds ?

Yes of course. We offer a range of service contracts for the beds. This ranges from annual servicing only, to full maintenance inclusive of spare parts. Alternatively, we offer a technical training course for medical engineers. This qualifies them to complete servicing and repair tasks on the beds