Ave Active Birthing Bed

Supporting active births.

Product Code: PPA-AB36

Innovative Design

The AVE Active Birthing Bed offers all the functionality of a regular delivery bed with a softer visual appearance. 

It is a popular choice for active birth environments and with its unique, space-saving foot section it can be set up as a chair to save space and avoid being the focal point of the room. 

The AVE has full electronic adjustment with hi-lo, backrest, and seat section selection & is supplied as standard with battery backup. 

Lithotomy poles for suturing, large wheels for patient transfers, a plethora of upright & active positioning options, and a unique evacuation from birth pool solution make the AVE a unique option for midwife-led units

NICE Guideline Compliance

In CG190 Intrapartum care: the care of healthy women & their babies during childbirth, NICE recommends that women should be encouraged to be as mobile as possible and to change position as often as they wish.

They also recommend that safe transfer of care protocols are in place and that equipment is available for appropriate positioning during perineal care.

The AVE Active Birthing Bed is supplied with features that deliver against each of these recommendations.

AVE Active Birthing Bed All Fours

A large range of positions to try through labour and delivery

AVE Active Birthing Bed Lithotomy

Highly adjustable lithotomy poles for positioning during perineal care


AVE Active Birthing Bed Flat Lying

Large wheels for transfer of care in-between settings

Tilting Foot Section

The foot section can be lowered and tilted to any degree of inclination,  allowing the woman to naturally position her feet against it.

AVE Active Birthing Bed Tilted Foot Section

AVE Active Birthing Bed Tilted Foot Section

Leg Rest Positions

The AVE “Active” birthing bed is supplied as standard with lithotomy poles. 

They can be used for traditional lithotomy positioning, left-lateral positioning, or even deployed as stable footrests. 

Ideal for more advanced positioning during suturing or a delayed second stage.



AVE Active Birthing Bed Foot Plates

AVE Active Birthing Bed Side Lying


The AVE bed has a fully integrated CPR feature which allows the backrest to be returned to flat in seconds.

With a manual release on both sides of the bed, access is permanently available and Trendelenburg functionality is also standard.



AVE Active Birthing Bed CPR

AVE Active Birthing Bed Trendelenburg

Space-Saving Footprint

When the AVE is set up in the chair position it can be placed in the corner to avoid being the focal point of the room. 

In this position, it takes up half the space of a regular bed and encourages the woman to use it for upright and active positions.


AVE Active Birthing Bed Space Saving Footprint

AVE Active Birthing Bed Space Saving Footprint

AVE Active Birthing Bed Space Saving Footprint

Choice of Colours


Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your room design.


Evacuation from Pool

The AVE Active Birthing Bed has the unique ability to fit closely to almost any birthing pool. 

This makes pool evacuation significantly safer by eliminating the usual gaps between bed and pool.

   Whether using an evacuation net or simply putting the bed close to the rim for her to climb onto, the gap is minimized and safety is maximized.


AVE Active Birthing Bed Evacuation from Birthing Pool

Height Adjustable

AVE “Active” birthing bed is height adjustable to match the exit rim height of almost all pools.


AVE Active Birthing Bed Evacuation from Birthing Pool

Close Fit

The unique oval shape fits closely to the pool and minimises transfer gaps. The unique foot section allows exit directly onto the centre of the bed.


AVE Active Birthing Bed Evacuation from Birthing Pool

Easy to Use

Splash proof, electrically adjustable without mains power and easily manoeuvred, the AVE is well suited to the environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Usually about 4 weeks for larger orders but we do hold stock of smaller quantities for rapid response orders

Where is this bed suitable for ?

The AVE “Active” birthing bed is ideally suited to support active births.  It can be used for any / all types of deliveries if required but it is best suited to the active birth environment.  It is a popular solution for those wanting all the functionality of a bed without the usual clinical appearance

How big is the bed ?

It’s actually the same dimensions as a regular delivery bed in the flat position but when you raise the backrest and fold away the foot section, it takes up almost 50% less space.  Download the brochure for the exact dimensions

Can we see one on-site ?

Yes of course.  We have demonstration equipment available and would be happy to bring one in for you to assess and see how it looks in your rooms

Does the foot end have to be lifted off  ?

No, never.  It lowers and rotates under the bed when you need perineal access.  It takes seconds to operate and you do not need to remove the end of the bed or the mattress

Are the lithotomy poles detachable?

Yes, the lithotomy poles can be removed to give the bed a less clinical appearance (no visible poles) which is useful in the low-risk setting.  If poles are required (usually for suturing) then they can be grabbed from the storage basket at the back of the bed and just dropped into the brackets.   They are highly versatile and offer a wide range of positioning options

Does it come with grab handles ?

Yes. These are supplied as standard

Is there a Labour Support Bar available ?

Yes, it simply attaches to the medi-rail on the bed for use.  It can be used for a range of active birth positions and can also be switched between beds

What’s the warranty ?

3 years on the bed and 2 years on the mattress.  It’s the best on the market

Can we get a service contract for the beds ?

Yes of course.  We offer a range of service contracts for the beds from annual servicing only to fully maintained inclusive of spare parts. Alternatively, we offer a technical training course for medical engineers that will qualify them to complete servicing and repair tasks on the beds