Combipool Birth Pool

The Combipool is a beautifully shaped luxury birth pool that delivers an exceptional water birth experience.

The shape and aesthetic of the pool is soft and gentle, contributing to a calming and inviting birthing environment.

Entrance Steps & Handrail

The non-slip steps and angled handrail provide excellent stability for the woman when entering and exiting the pool.

They lock underneath the pool for maximum security and move away on wheels to give unrestricted access when not required. 

This reduces the manual handling risks to birth workers and partners who may otherwise need to be leant on when assisting the exit. 

The steps are also particularly helpful for women that are experiencing pelvic gurdle pain or when a wide stance is particularly uncomfortable.

Intuitive Birth Positions

The Combipool’s internal floor space is large enough to support freedom of movement whilst also offering a number of pre-defined positions that are easily achieved. 


Combipool optimum working height for midwives

Arm Rests, Foot Rests and Grab Handles

The shape of the pool allows the birthing person to sit comfortably with a reclined backrest. 

The perfectly positioned arm rests and foot plates then help the woman to feel safe and secure. 

The innovative grab handles can be used as hand grips or fixing points. 

Wrapping towels or ropes around them enables women to pull through surges.


Integrated Seat

The integrated internal seat serves a number of purposes:

  • Sitting whilst the midwife carries out checks without reaching into the pool
  • Sitting with close proximity to the birth partner 
  • Leaning on during active kneeling positions
  • The birth partner to sit & give intimate support to the birthing person*
  • Stepping on when entering and exiting the pool with its non-slip surface
  • When the water level is dropped slightly, the seat can also accommodate a bedpan for urinating or active third stage*

*guidelines permitting

Optimum Height & Shape

The Combipool sides are designed to achieve the optimum working height for the attending professionals. This minimises the risk associated with manual handling and protects the backs of birth workers and partners when supporting clients in the pool.

The shaped end of the pool also allows the midwife or birth partner to get closer to the water by placing their legs underneath the rim of the pool.

During emergency evacuation using nets, the curved sides of the pool allow the lifting team to bend their knees directly at the pool side for safe manual handling.

Electronic Water Filling System

The Combipool can be filled using a hospital supplied filling system or with its own, factory installed electronic filling system. This system simply requires the pool to be connected to the utilities & saves valuable installation time and design cost.

The Combipool’s integrated system includes a number of key features and benefits:

  • Automatic cut-off sensor to avoid accidental over-fill
  • Birth workers no longer need to worry about flooding the floor if they are called away
  • Double filling spout to reduce filling time by 50%
  • Integrated thermostatic mixer valve and electronic one-touch filling process 
  • Integrated shower head for use as a positive, natural massage distraction technique.
  • Digital water temperature indicator to make hourly temperature checks super easy.
  • Automated disinfection cycle to cleans all pipes and spouts with 60° hot water flush.

Under Water Lighting & Mood Lighting

The Combipool can be equipped with a pair of under-water LED spotlights to improve visual assessments without submerging hands and torches. 

These lights are also colour changeable so you can change the hue of the water to create an amazing sensory experience. 

Under-body LED lights are also available to illuminate the pool on the floor.

This can give the appearance that the pool is floating and the colour can again be chosen to match the room theme.

Cleaning and Infection Prevention

The Combipool is made from one single form meaning there is no need to clean in joints or silicone. 

The large surface areas are easily rinsed off and the angled rims avoid pooling of droplets as they drain back into the pool. 

The waste release is surface mounted on the pool’s rim to avoid bending or twisting to empty the pool. 

Technical Dimensions

Height: 779mm

Width: 1,544mm

Length: 1,892mm

Capacity: 280 to 510 litres

Weight (empty): 120kg

Edge width: 100mm

Water: HW + CW 3/4″

Wall Connection Bow: 1/2″

Service Door: 500 x 500mm

Drain: DN 100, electric actuation

Entrance Steps: 964 x 806 x 1,455mm

Entrance Steps Weight: 30kg

Clinical Research Supporting Waterbirth

Dr Claire Feeney explains how midwives can implement strategies to improve access to waterbirth for women using their maternity units.

Click the images below to view the articles that were published in The Practising Midwife Journal.

Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

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