Croyde Air Tube

Helping to create calm, relaxing environments.

The Vortex Effect

Experience the mesmerizing display of swirling beads as they spiral through the Croyde Air Tube. 

The beads in the tube are propelled upwards and cascade down, creating a beautiful vortex pattern. 

A similar effect to bubbles in a bubble tube but without the necessary maintenance!


Exploring the Evidence


Mood lighting in the birth room is proven to help create a calm, relaxed environment and deliver enhanced sensory experiences for the birthing person. 

Dr Kathryn Gutteridge explains the benefits & impact of mood lighting in the birth room environment and her paper is available for you to download below.


Click Here to Download “Lighting the Way for Birth”

The Sensory Experience

The tube gently cycles through an array of different colours using high-quality LED’s, to deliver a wonderful sensory experience. 

It is ideal for use in hospitals and helps to deliver a relaxed, calming environment. 

Excellent for use in birthing rooms, ante-natal assessment areas and bereavement suites, amongst others.

Options & Specification  

The Croyde Air Tube is a plug and play product that is maintenance-free and perfectly suited for use in hospitals.

It has a robust PVC tube that provides strength against hard knocks and a low voltage supply to minimize energy consumption.

The tube is also available with lengths from 1m to 2m to suit the size of the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period ?

12 months

What are the lead times ?

Approx 4 weeks

What are the dimensions ?

Height 160mm + tube height (1m to 2m), width 380mm, depth 380mm

How much does it weigh ?


Does it require any specialist set up or maintenance ?

No, you literally remove it from the box, plug it in and start to use it.  No maintenance required

Is it completely sealed ?

Yes, the beads are completely encased so they cannot escape / never need topping up

What are the electrical details ?

Input Voltage: 16VAC
Power Consumption: 64W
Power Connector: 2.1mm jack
Ambient Temperature: 40°C maximum