Oceanis Birth Pool

The Oceanis Birth Pool is a warm, spacious birth pool delivering freedom of movement in the water.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, the Oceanis pool looks inviting and feels luxurious.

Designed to support women and midwives to achieve their natural childbirth objectives, the Oceanis has a wealth of unique features and customisable design options to complement any delivery room.

Product code: CAP-OBP01

Entrance Steps with Handrail

The Oceanis innovative entry steps create a safe and easy way for mothers to enter and exit the birth pool.

Using the unique ‘flange’ system, the steps securely lock into position for maximum stability both on the steps and when leaning on the handrail.

This innovative design ensures that women are supported at every point during pool entry and exist as well as helping to avoid the need for excessive twisting and uncomfortable leg lifting.

When not in use, the steps can be detached from the pool and easily wheeled away to allow full access to the pool.

Securely Lock In Position

Underwater LED Lights

Fully integrated under-water LED Lights illuminate the water for assessment/examination purposes, eliminating the need to submerge torches and compromise infection control. The variety of coloured light options provide mood lighting.

The lights are cool to touch, easy to wipe clean, and controlled from an ergonomically positioned push button located in the external shell of the pool. 

They also have “run-dry” protection to prevent them from burn-out if used when not submerged.

Birthing Seat & Freedom of Movement

With an integral birthing seat & perineal cut-out with armrests, the Oceanis is supplied as standard with an excellent specification. 

The large, spacious base of the pool allows women to move freely without restriction.

The armrests and footrest positioning plates also offer additional options for women to find their most comfortable position.

Integrated Pop-Up Waste

The integrated pop-up waste is controlled by simply rotating the dial to open the drain. 

The dial is conveniently & ergonomically located in the external shell of the pool to make emptying the pool an easily accessible & simple procedure.

Choice of Colours

You can choose the colour of the external shell of the pool to match your room decor and colour scheme.

Click this link to see some example colour choices:

Colour Options

Birth Pool Colour

The external shell of the pool can be chosen in any colour to match/contrast the design of the room. Just tell us the RAL colour code that is consistent with your colour scheme & we will match it.

Birthing Pool Colour

The internal shell of the pool is always white.  This ensures maximum visibility for assessment/examination and also cleaning.

Filling Configurations

The Oceanis is highly versatile and can be installed directly to an IPS wall or in a freestanding configuration, to suit the design of the room.

A fully integrated filling system with taps and mixers is also available for selection. Just connect the pool to the utilities and it’s ready to use.


Freestanding Birthing Pool

Integrated Filling System

The fully integrated filling system gives nurses and midwives control over each feature of the birth pool as well as providing access for servicing.

  • Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) gives control over the water temperature.
  • Autofill button fills the pool to the correct level and is monitored by a sensor within the pool.
  • Light controls to turn underwater LED pool lights on or off as well as change the colours
  • Shower button to control the shower. 

Technical  Dimensions

Pool Length – 1900 mm

Pool Width – 1320 mm

Pool Height – 740 mm

Recommended Fill – 450 Litres

Pool Weight – 110kg

Steps Length – 1030 mm

Steps Width – 305 mm

Steps Height – 1220 mm

Clinical Research Supporting Waterbirth

Dr Claire Feeney explains how midwives can implement strategies to improve access to waterbirth for women using their maternity units.

Click the images below to view the articles that were published in The Practising Midwife Journal.

Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Improving Access to Water Immersion in Maternity Units

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

Optimizing Physiology in Waterbirth

Standard Configuration

White inner and outer pool shell

Integrated birth seat and arm rests

Integrated pop-up waste with external release

400 x 400 mm stainless steel service hatch

Product Code:  CAP-OBP01

Generosa Birth Pool Standard Specification

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Usually 14 weeks but we can sometimes accelerate things if needed.  All pools are made bespoke to individual orders

How useful are the entry steps ?

We ship almost every pool with them.  We’ve had some customers order one for every other pool but they’ve come back and ordered the remainder quite soon afterwards.  They are highly recommended

Do you have reference sites ?

Yes of course, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with people who will be happy to share their experience

Do you have a CAD drawing ?

Yes, no problem.  Again, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will send you back all of the files and formats you need

How is the waste operated ?

There is a disc on the side of the pool that you rotate to open and close the drain.  It controls a pop-up plug in the pool.  No need to have to put your hands in the water or open / close valves on pipework

Can the under-water lights run dry ?

No.  They are new technology cool-touch LED lights that will not run dry if left on without water

How are the lights operated ?

There is a push button integrated into the side of the pool.  Simple

How big is the pool ?

The Oceanis is a spacious pool.  Large enough to support freedom of movement but not so large that you would be a bit lost in the middle of it. We would say it’s a mid-range pool.  Download the brochure for the exact dimensions.  We actually have a life-size cut out of the pool that we can bring to your unit so you can lay it on the floor and see how much space you will have.  Just drop us a line to [email protected]