Croyde® Birthing Beanbag

A barrel shaped bean bag that is designed to be hugged, cuddled and rested on.


The Croyde® Birthing Beanbag is designed to help women find their most comfortable positions during childbirth. 

Unlike conventional beanbags that lose their height and shape, the barrel design ensures it retains its cylindrical form and helps women to remain upright and supported.

The high-quality fabric covering is designed to be wiped down in-between use and is perfect for use in the hospital environment. 

With flap-covered zips and monolithically bonded seams, the Croyde® Birthing Beanbag is both infection control compliant and easy to clean.

Comfortable, Supportive Positioning

The Croyde birthing beanbag is designed to retain its height and shape to support upright positions and not collapse like regular beanbags.

Beanbag Comfort

The bag can be shaped and moulded to suit each individual’s needs and the immersive beads deliver exceptional comfort.

Cleaning & Infection Control

The Croyde Birthing Beanbag is covered in a high-quality, medical-grade fabric that is designed to be wiped down in-between use in the room. 

It is compatible with hospital wipes and chlorine-based solutions and is highly durable. The zip is also fully covered by a double waterfall protection flap

All seams are sealed and additionally protected by PU tape which is monolithically bonded into the material during the manufacturing process to make the fabric seamless and one piece. 

This gives the fabric extra strength and durability to further resist fluid ingress.



 Birthing Beanbag Infection Control Birthing Beanbag Infection Control

Croyde Product Synergy

Used with the Croyde Positioning Pillow and Floor Mat, the beanbag offers a multitude of positioning options.

Delivery Room Floor Mat and Beanbag

Active Birth Equipment

Delivery Bed Synergy

The Croyde Birthing Beanbag also helps to support advanced & active positioning with delivery beds. The beads deliver enhanced comfort levels and can make longer labours more manageable.

Birthing Beanbag with Delivery Beds

Birthing Beanbag with Delivery Beds

Birthing Beanbag with Delivery Beds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

For most orders, products will ship within 14 days.  Larger orders may require slightly longer

Can we have a demo ?

Depending on your location, we would be happy to bring one to site for you to have a look at.  This would give you the opportunity to see how it would look in your own rooms and also feel how comfortable it is.  Just click the book a demo button and leave us your details so we can get in touch

Where are the products made ?

They are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality fabrics and materials

Can we use chlorine solutions and/or hospital wipes ?

Yes.  The fabric is specifically chosen for use in high risk fluid environments.  Chlorine solutions up to 10,000 ppm are approved for use and using wipes such as those manufactured by Clinell, is also fine

Where are they in use ?

All over the UK from Scotland down to the south coast of England and East Anglia across to West Wales.  There are hundreds in use all over the UK and we also ship internationally to countries all over the globe.  If you’d like to speak to someone for a reference, we’ll link you up

How durable are the covers ?

The cover is a highly resilient, waterproof, two-way stretch, breathable medical grade fabric