Croyde® Birthing Couch

Support natural birth with the Croyde Birthing Couch – a birthing couch, seat and overnight double bed, all in one.

Flexible Design

The Croyde Birthing Couch helps women find their most comfortable positions during labour and delivery. It supports natural and active childbirth with three setups:

  • Unfolded couch
  • Folded over seat or base
  • Queen-size double bed

Set Up & Ergonomics

The couch is easy to move around the room as it comes with a transport base and handles. One person can set it up alone. It’s ergonomically friendly, with minimal lifting required.

Midwife lifting birthing couch

Midwife moving blue birth couch

Midwife using birthing furniture

Midwife with maternity furniture

Infection Control

The birth couch is covered with two high-quality, medical-grade fabrics. One internal cover protects the foam, and the outer cover encases them both. They are:

  • Waterproof
  • Two-way stretch
  • Breathable for maximum performance and comfort

All zips are water repellent and protected by double waterfall flaps that repel fluids. The zips and light underside of the covers make it easy to inspect internal areas.

PU taping on the seams gives the fabric extra strength and durability to further resist fluid ingress, even under intense strain. The taping is monolithically bonded into the material during the manufacturing process. The fabric is seamless, with just one piece for easy cleaning.

Close up on cover for birthing couch infection control

Zip on blue birth couch

Ordering Options:

Croyde Birthing Couch – Product Code – CBC

Birthing couch with folding capability, transport base with handles, kneeling mat and positioning wedge.

The optional storage cover can have any logo or text printed onto it. For example: “Donated by The Friends of Maternity Services”.

Parts of birth couch

Birth couch and removable seat

Unfolded birth couch

Folded birthing couch

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions ?

In the folded position it is 1.2m wide, 1m deep & 86cm tall.  In the unfolded position it is 1.2m wide, 2m long and 43cm tall. Click the download brochure button to see all dimensions and specs

Can we have a demo ?

Depending on your location, we would be happy to bring one to site for you to have a look at.  This would give you the opportunity to see how it would look in your own rooms and also feel how comfortable it is and how easy it is to move around, clean and position. Just click the book a demo button and leave us your details so we can get in touch

What are the lead times ?

For most orders, products will ship within 14 days. Larger orders may require slightly longer

Where are the products made ?

They are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality fabrics and materials

Can we use chlorine solutions and/or hospital wipes ?

Yes. The fabric is specifically chosen for use in high-risk fluid environments. Chlorine solutions up to 10,000 ppm are approved for use, and using wipes such as those manufactured by Clinell, is also fine

How comfortable are the couches ?

We’d like one to sleep on at home :-). They’re really comfortable. The foam is a blend of high resilience foam and visco-elastic memory foam. The high resilience foam gives it the firmness and stability to support freedom of movement whilst the memory foam topper delivers a more spongy, reactive surface to enhance the comfort level

Where are they in use ?

All over the UK from Scotland down to the south coast of England and East Anglia across to West Wales. There are hundreds in use all over the UK and we also ship internationally to countries all over the globe. If you’d like to speak to someone for a reference, we’ll link you up

Can you internally inspect the covers ?

Yes, the covers can easily unzip for internal inspection. They have a light underside so you can easily spot any staining

Can we replace the covers ?

Yes. As an example, if the couch gets damaged you can just remove the top cover and replace it with a new one. You can remove the internal cover if required, but this is not usual

How durable are the covers ?

The foam is double covered in two highly resilient, waterproof, two-way stretch, breathable medical grade fabrics. This fabric is the highest quality material available and whilst it does make things a little more expensive, we’re very proud of the fact that we have never had a fluid ingres warranty claim. We think that’s a good investment. Even if the top cover fails, the inner cover is made from exactly the same material so it continues to protect the foam. Just replace the top cover and you’re off and running again

We received our couch but it’s in two pieces ?

Correct, because of the size, couriers can’t carry it in one piece so we have to split it into two sections. However, all you need to do is insert the large block into the “flippy cover”, zip it up and the couch is then fully assembled. Remember to make sure that the zip is closer to the top of the couch than the bottom – this means that it’s the right way up

Click the link below to see a diagram of the filling instructions