Croyde Infant Feeding Chair

Specifically designed to support infant feeding.


The Croyde MimmaMà® infant feeding chair is a unique product designed to support mothers and babies in all feeding positions (cradle, cross-cradle, football and tandem feeding for the contemporary feeding of twins).

It delivers a level of bespoke comfort that beds and common chairs can not achieve.

The modelling of the seat prevents mothers from postural pains and reduces pressure on the perineum. It also unloads body weight on the legs for a significantly more comfortable experience.

MimmaMà® offers the mother excellent support for arms, back and shoulders and helps support the newborn too.

Models and Accessories

Breast Feeding Chair with Foot Stool

MimmaMà 365900N

Seat made of polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather in colours lilac, white, yellow, fuchsia, and green. Stamped-aluminum base painted in burgundy color, with removable footrest. Dimensions (LxWxH) 74x67x93cm weight 25kg.
Medical Device with CE marking.

Breast Feeding Chair with 4 Legs

MimmaMà 365900S

Seat made of polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather colors lilac, white, yellow, fuchsia, and green. Base with four arched legs made of tubular steel painted in gray color. Dimensions (LxWxH) 74x67x91cm weight 15kg.
Medical Device with CE marking.


The Croyde MimmaMà® infant feeding chair offers optimal support for shoulders, arms, back and the lumbar area.

Its supportive backrest and high, wide and rounded armrests support both mother and child in the most ergonomically friendly positions.

Tandem Twin Feeding

The unique design of the MimmaMà® makes it the only chair that allows the simultaneous feeding of twins assuring them the same quality of milk. 

Tandem twin feeding is both comfortable and ergonomic with the MimmaMa.

Foot Rest

The soft footrest, placed under the base of MimmaMà, can be extracted using the tip of the mother’s foot.

It allows her to maintain correct posture without slipping. 

After infant feeding, the footrest can be inserted back into the base by simply pushing it with the heels, thus allowing the mother to get up without restriction.

Unique Shape

The MimmaMà® is moulded with particular care in the seating area to avoid compression of the perineum. 

The high backrest supports the mother’s lower back and shoulders and the wide armrests and cutouts support the arm and elbow for the mother.

The benefits of MimmaMà

The MimmaMà® infant feeding chair’s benefits are varied and unique:

It supports the mother and the child in all feeding positions without slipping.

It is the only chair that allows the simultaneous breastfeeding of twins assuring them the same quality of milk.

It helps to maintain the correct position of the child on the nipple, thus avoiding fissures.

It allows the mother to alternate feeding positions thus freeing the milk ducts and avoiding mastitis.

It avoids postural pains due to incorrect positions because supports the back and shoulders.

It reduces the pain due to the wounds of childbirth and therefore allows the mother to fully enjoy the relationship with her child during breastfeeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Approx 4 – 6 weeks

What colour options are there ?

Lilac, green, white, fuchsia, or yellow

Do other units have them in use ?

Yes, just drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch

Where can the MimmaMa be used ?

They are used in hospitals, shopping centres, airports, libraries, museums and homes