Croyde Clinnova Suturing Couch

The pinnacle of suturing couch design and performance.


The Croyde Clinnova Suturing Couch is UK manufactured and features an exceptionally high specification. Standard features include:

Safe working load and lifting capacity of 285Kg (528lbs)

Adjustable angle electric backrest from horizontal to +80°

Electric control of height, backrest and 2-way tilt angle

Excellent height range from 47cm to 97cm

Crescent-shaped seat design with folding feature

Fully adjustable lithotomy leg rests

Fitted with removable debris tray, side support loops and paper roll holder

Matching colour operator’s chair and head bolster cushion

Compact base frame to make storage easier when it is not in use

Fully encapsulated base frame to reduce cleaning time

Large wheelbase design for ease of movement in-between rooms

Central braking system

Anti-bacterial powder coated frame

Digital Display Handset

Standard width 70cm upholstery for additional comfort

Optional removable foot section allows the couch to be used for full-length examination purposes

Adjustable Lithotomy Leg Rests

Lithotomy leg rests are simply attached and can be adjusted in height, rotation and angle to help the woman feel safe and secure during procedures. 

Fold-down armrest loops also offer an additional grabbing point for the woman to secure her position.

Crescent Shaped Seat Section

The crescent-shaped seat section is designed to maximize perineal access during suturing. It can also be folded backwards for ease of access during disinfection. 

The large stainless steel debris tray is designed to capture fluid loss and is also easily removed for cleaning.  

Digital Handset

The modern digital display handset gives the clinician information about the positioning and functions of the couch. It informs the user of the angle of Trendelenburg tilt and adjustable sections.

The handset also has a plastic hook that can be used to safely secure it on the various holders around the couch.

Storage & Transport

Without the optional foot section, the couch takes up a footprint of just 1.2m * 0.7m.  This makes it ideal for storage in small areas when not in use. 

The large wheels, lightweight frame and central braking system make transporting the couch between rooms exceptionally easy by just one person.

Detachable Foot Section

The optional detachable foot section allows the couch to be used as a full-length examination platform as necessary. 

It is easily removed when perineal access is required and simple to re-attach.

Choice of Colours

The Croyde Clinnova Suturing Couch has a wide range of upholstery colour options to choose from at no extra cost. 

All fabrics are designed to be used in the hospital environment and can be wiped down with approved detergent wipes.

Click here to view the colour options and let us know the code when you order:

Colour Chart

Ease of Cleaning


Croyde Suturing Couch


This intelligent design allows the underside of the seat to be cleaned easily, along with the debris tray and surrounding framework. The seat can be lifted with one hand and the easy-clean upholstery can be wiped down effortlessly. The debris tray can slide in and out, and also be removed completely for cleaning.

Croyde Suturing Couch


A major advantage of this new backing design is that there are no visible staples, meaning bacteria cannot grow under them. The vacuum formed upholstery finish is manufactured from recycled ABS, a strong material often used in the automotive industry. This makes it highly durable and will last for countless years. The simple frame design also makes it easy to wipe clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times ?

Approx 4 weeks.

Does it come with the large wheels as standard ?

Yes.  It is designed to easily move in-between rooms.

Does the foot end come as standard ?

No.  The foot section is optional.  In the standard configuration the couch is 2/3 length to from the top of the backrest to the seat section.  This keeps the footprint small for storage when not in use.  Adding the detachable foot section allows it to be used as a full length couch for assessment / examination as necessary.

Do the lithotomy leg rests fold down ?

They are detachable so you can leave them attached if you wish or remove them to create a less clinical appearance.  The leg rests are adjustable for height, rotation and angle to support optimum leg positioning.

Is it electrically adjustable ?

Yes.  All functions are adjustable via the digital handset.

What is the weight limit ?

A huge 285kg !

What is its shortest stored length ?

1.2m.  Ideal for storage in equipment rooms when not in use.

What colours are there to choose from ?

Click here to view the options – Colour Chart 1

Can we wipe the upholstery using things like Clinell wipes ?

Yes.  Please contact us to confirm compliance with your specific cleaning materials but this upholstery is used on couches in multiple departments throughout UK hospitals.

What’s the warranty ?

5 years on moving parts.  Lifetime warranty on the frame