Croyde Electric Maternity Recliner Chair

The Croyde Electric Maternity Chair aids sitting, reclining, and rising at the touch of a button, and supports women who have undergone invasive surgeries.

Post Surgery Comfort and Recovery

The Croyde Electric Maternity Chair aids sitting, reclining, and rising at the touch of a button.

It makes the immediate postnatal period more comfortable for women who have restricted mobility, who are experiencing pelvic girdle pain or are recovering from invasive procedures. For women who have undergone a caesarean section, it reduces the use of abdominal muscles and back strain by gently lifting them to a standing position.

The chair has a significant weight capacity of 120kg with an optional upgrade to 160kg (25 stones) to accommodate clients that need more support.

Woman sat in bedside hospital chair

Woman standing from hospital chair

Woman and midwife with hospital chair

Infant Feeding Benefits

The chair also facilitates ideal infant feeding positions for mother and baby. The reclining backrest allows babies to feed in the semi-recumbent chest-to-chest position that is most comfortable for the mother. Padded armrests give comfortable arm placement and support the chosen feeding position.

For partners and carers, the chair positions them perfectly for skin-to-skin contact when bonding with the baby.

Footstool & Infant Feeding Pillow

The Croyde Maternity Recliner “Set” includes the optional footrest and feeding pillow to give even greater support to mother and baby.

The angled footrest gives appropriate support and stability when the chair is in the upright position.

The infant feeding pillow supports optimum feeding positions, reducing the need for women to bring additional items into hospital, thus increasing available space.

Both the footrest and the infant feeding pillow are available to purchase separately.

Designed for Maternity Wards

The Croyde Electric Maternity Chair provides a multi-use bedside package for maternity wards:

  • Support overnight stays without needing additional equipment, replicating the home environment and improving bonding with birth partners
  • The high-winged backrest gives neck and shoulder support and provides privacy in bay areas

Choice of Colour

Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your room design.

Click the colours below to change the view or choose from our colour chart below.

Colour Chart


Easy to Move and Clean

Wheels allow easy movement within the room and foot activated brakes anchor the chair without needing to bend down.

Compatible with hospital approved wipes and chlorine based cleaning solutions, the Croyde Electric Maternity Recliner is perfectly suited for use in high traffic, multi-use ward areas.


Pushing a hospital chair

Cleaning a hospital chair

Technical Dimensions

Seat Depth: 510mm

Seat Width: 510mm

Arm Width: 130mm

Backrest Height: 710/740mm

Total Height: 1140mm

Total Width: 740mm

Seat to Floor Height: 480mm

Safe Working Load: 127kg (20 stones)

Upgraded Safe Working Load: 160kg (25 stones)

Exploring the Evidence 

Dr Kathryn Gutteridge, independent Consultant Midwife; explains the benefits of creating family centred services and the importance of avoiding separation.

This article was published in The Practising Midwife Journal, January 2021.


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