Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps have been thoughtfully created with both the birthing person and hospital staff in mind to create a safe and practical solution that can be used with any birth pool.

Manufactured to be hard-wearing and easy to clean, these steps are specifically designed for the task.

Product Code: CAP-CUBPS

Safer Birth Pool Entry/Exit

The Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps can be used safely with any birth pool. 

With a double step design, the steps provide easy access to the pool and the handrail gives additional support & reassurance.

Pool Entry and Exit Demonstration

Watch the video below demonstrating how the Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps facilitate safe entry and exit from a birth pool.

Versatile and Close

The uniquely shaped handrail means that the steps can be placed closer to the edge of the pool to reduce the amount of stretching required to reach the rail.

Thoughtfully chosen, the smaller circumference of the rail means that it is comfortable to hold, even for small or swollen hands.

Stability & Balance

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps flared base for added stability

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps stability bar for increased stability

To ensure that the steps stay upright and stable, a stability bar has been added underneath the base as a counter-balance.

This extra weight lowers the centre of gravity of the equipment, making it stable and tip-resistant.

The base is also flared to optimise stability.

Ease of Movement & Storage

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps folded up on wheels

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps tipped back on wheels

The folding handle mechanism means that the steps can be conveniently folded to the size of a small suitcase and moved around the birthing space.

This design means the steps can be either pushed or pulled into position.

Storage in the birth room is made infinitely easier.

Cleanable & Sustainable

The steps are fully waterproof and resistant to corrosion and fluids. They can be cleaned with chlorine based solutions and hospital-approved disinfectant wipes. 

They are made from 100% recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.


Over the years we have seen many hospitals and birth centres using inadequate birth pool entry and exit solutions, from supermarket style steps to simple step ladders.

These solutions didn’t offer the woman the stability that she needed, and were also difficult to clean and easily damaged.

This is why we wanted to create a solution that would be hard-wearing, easy to clean and, most importantly, provide women with the support and reassurance they need when entering and exiting any type of birth pool.

Technical Dimensions

Croyde Universal Birth Pool Steps dimensions with weight

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