Graciella Gynaecological Examination Chair

The Graciella® has been designed with attention to detail, taking into consideration the time-consuming work of gynaecologists.

The unique two column design enables easy positioning of the chair and increases the patient’s trust before and during the examination.

Product Code:
Without Goepel Legs: CAP-GGC01
With Goepel Legs: CAP-GGC02

Simple Handling

The chair can be easily positioned with electronic adjustment of the backrest, hi-lo & trendelenburg tilt.

The pre-set entry and examination positions also co-ordinate multiple movements to quickly achieve optimum placement.

The positioning range allows the leg supports to be adjusted conveniently according to the gynaecologist’s needs while ensuring that the patient remains comfortable.

Sitting / Entry Position

The pre-set sitting / entry position is achieved by simply pressing one button on the controller.  It lowers the hi-lo and leg supports to their lowest positions to maximize ease of access.

Examination Position

The pre-set examination position is also achieved by simply pressing one button on the controller.  It raise the hi-lo and leg supports to their highest positions and applies trendelenburg tilt to raise up the seat.

Easy Positioning

The foot controller is easily accessible for the gynaecologist at the bottom of the chair and allows it to be adjusted quickly even during examination.

Integrated Handset Control

The same positioning options are also available via the integrated handset control which can be accessed from various angles thanks to a rotating mechanism. Perfect if the attending midwife needs to adjust the couch from the side.

Leg Support Adjustment

The electronic adjustment of the leg supports allows the position to be adjusted conveniently to the gynaecologist’s needs while ensuring that the patient remains comfortable.

Optional Goepel Legs

The adjustable leg supports are included within the standard specification but they can be exchanged for goepel crutches if preferred.  This choice of leg supports allows the clinician to select the best option for the purpose or procedure.

Many units like to have both options available to offer a variety of leg support options to maximize comfort for all women.


Integrated Examination Light

The integrated LED examination lamp is a convenient method of illumination without needing to introduce an overhead light source.  

The lamp is located on a flexible arm that can easily be positioned for examination or moved away if not required.

Comfort by Design

The variable positioning allows the chair to be adjusted to the physique of individual patients. Patient comfort is also enhanced by the soft upholstery and ergonomic shape of the chair. An integrated headrest is also included.

Hygiene and Easy Cleaning

The Graciella® chair is equipped with a unique column design. The elegant design solution provides additional added value with its exceptional hygiene parameters.

  • The column is made of electrolytically oxidised aluminium with a thin film of lubricant on its surface. The space between the cylinders of the telescopic column is filled with plastic spacers which ensure that no contaminants can enter the inside of the column.
  • The material of the seamless upholstery is modified to allow easy decontamination using common hygienic methods.
  • The chair is easy to move around the clinic thanks to the retractable wheel on the undercarriage, particularly when the floor around and under the chair is being cleaned.

Colour Options

Standard Configuration

Chair with upholstery in blue (range other colours available)

Adjustable footrests (pair) – without upholstery as standard

Integrated handset – patient right (from patient point of view)*

Foot control for all electric functions

Matching leg plate extension)

Integrated LED examination light on flexible arm – patient left (from patient point of view)*

Integrated wheels for ease of movement

Medirail – patient left (from patient point of view)*

>Bowl holder and plastic bowl – patient left (from patient point of view)*

Paper roll holder – patient left (from patient point of view)*

*Handset can be switched to patient left, but Lamp, Medirail and Bowl must all swap to the right.

Standard Spec – Standard Leg Rests – CAP-GGC01

Standard Spec – Standard and Goepel Leg Rests – CAP-GGC02



Graciella Standard Specification

Additional Options

IV Pole- 110GKC035020 and Holder – 110GKC511000

IV drip stand for gynae chair

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