The AVE “Active” Birthing Bed profiles and adjusts to provide a large variety of upright labour and delivery positioning options, helping women to independently adapt
to find their most comfortable positions during childbirth.

CROYDE MEDICAL Maternity Equipment Specialists
AVE Active Birthing Bed Upright & Active

Sitting on the
foot end

Reclining into the mattress. Optional use of hand grips

Positioning assistance from the side bars

Positioning assistance from the backrest bar

Positioning assistance from the backrest bar
or side bars

Leaning on or against the bed, draping over the
side bars

Pulling against the bed or using it for support during swaying

Draping over

the back
of the bed

Allows a full

stretch position to the backrest bar

for taller women

Resting the

arms on
the side bars

Facilitates face
to face contact during kneeling positions

Assisted squatting positions using the
hand grips

Using the hand grips for foot placement

Draping over the
backrest bar

Resting the head and arms into the integrated pillow and mattress

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