Yes we love this! 😍😍 Happy to provide some of this equipment and make this such a fabulous environment to labour and birth in ✨ 

@maternity_oldham_and_rochdale Mooney Suite 🍃 

#midwifery #midwives #maternity #birth

Sharing these words from @painfreebirth and video from @evarosebirth 😍✨ We love to see different positions utilised during labour and birth! 

“Can you have a pain free birth in a hospital” ?
The answer is, YES! ( But often requires extra preparation, advocacy, and support.
There are lots of positions and techniques you can utilize in the hospital- you just have to know how to use
Having a hands-on doula or partner throughout labor can make a huge difference!

We were recently invited to the opening of the new Clinical Skills and Simulation facility @newcollegeswindon 

We have supplied lots of equipment for this and we think you’d agree that it really is a fantastic space for learning! 

We supply equipment for birthing units, delivery suites, wards and simulation suites, so please get in touch to see how we can help you! ✨😀 

#midwifery #midwife #maternity #activebirth

We love hearing how positions can help improve outcomes and birth experiences! 

Read this study in our stories now ⭐️ #midwifery #midwife #maternity

We love the new names for the rooms @lilacbirthcentrewx ! Delighted to have provided equipment to help the midwives make these birthing rooms so special 😍 

RePosted • Our new delivery room names have been selected as voted by you😍 we hope you like them and we cannot wait for you to see the new set up! 

Our poll for the postnatal room also had a CLEAR winner and will be called Willow🤩


#birthcentre #wxmaternity #maternity #whippscrossmaternity

So simple and making a huge difference in this high risk birthing space! Love it 😍 

Reposted from • @alychiarion_midwife what does a delivery suite room look like?
Pretty much like this… you can ask your midwife to move your bed to a side so that you have space to move around, you can bring your yoga mat so that you can kneel on the floor if this feels more comfy, bring fairy lights, bright a starry light lamp, bring your affirmations, speakers and play your own music.
the scary thing in the corner is a neonatal resuscitaire, it’s usually on so that it can heat up the towels that we are going to give you to put around your baby when they are first born. We have it in the room just in case we need it, if it’s ruining your atmosphere ask your midwife to cover it with a sheet so that it doesn’t distract you. 
Most delivery beds are adaptable and you can be on them in different positions, from lying on your side to being on all fours to having it in a throne position (a personal fave). 
Giving birth in a high risk environment doesn’t mean that your birth plan goes out of the window, you are still in control and your birth environment can still be calm and peaceful and exactly how you want it and need it to be.

Resharing this fabulous video from @meadowbirthing We love to see how midwives use our products to enhance and transform birthing environments! 😍
#midwives #studentmidwife #birth #activebirth #maternity #midwifery #midwife #labour #labourpositions

Happy International Day of the Midwife - from all the staff at Croyde!

Today is International Day of the Midwife, to celebrate midwives around the world and the wonderful work they do! 

Sending love and gratitude to our midwife friends, colleagues, and customers ✨#IDM2023 #togetheragain

Absolutely love this video from @ghh_midwiferyledunit showing us the different positions to help with active birth! Some of these can be utilised in all settings, including high risk and with epidural usage ✨ Featuring the Croyde Birthing Couch and Beanbag! 

REPOST • @ghh_midwiferyledunit ✨ labour and birth positions ✨ 

Since you all loved our video on positions to use with the birthing pool - we thought we’d share some ideas for labour and birth using some of our birthing equipment! 

You could also adapt these positions/use other equipment if you are birthing on our delivery suite, or use furniture and cushions etc to help you feel comfortable during early labour at home!

These are just some ideas - of course, move with your body and find whatever positions feel comfortable for YOU 💕 

Thank you to our lovely Beth and Dionne for featuring 🙌🏼 

#midwiferyledunit #birthingcentre #birthcentre #midwifeledcare #birthpositions #labourpositions

Look at this! A unique and precious moment in history - we believe it’s one of the very first birthing pools plumbed in, in Oxford, England. You can see Ethel Burns (midwife) and a midwife colleague - they look like they’re celebrating - with a glass of something 🥂 

We spy Sheila Kitzinger RIP in the background and we guess she’d have been cheering them on! 

We believe the photo was taken in 1990, 33 years ago. Still hard to believe it’s taken so long for pools to be a necessary part of every birth room. 

Do you have pools in your maternity unit? If so tell us how many…we’d love to hear from you. 

#waterbirth #birthingpool #birthinwater

Absolutely beautiful 😍 We just had to share.

Posted @withregram • @evarosebirth The moment when you finally can feel, smell and kiss your baby!

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